Welcome to mining rig hosting. We have a purpose built mining facility based on a farm that generates it’s own electric from a digester that is fed a mixture of chicken manure, maize silage, fodder beet and farm yard manure.
We can host your rig or rigs for just a flat rate each month. Our rates are listed below. 

Straight forward-great value Hosting Fees

green saver

Per Month
Up to 190 MH’s

renewable saver

Per Month
191-349 MH’s

eco saver

Per Month
350-489 MH’s

supergreen saver

Per Month
490-600 MH’s

Energy for your rigs every need.

All our tariffs listed feature 100% renewable electricity and no exit fees.

Contact Mining Rig Hosting

Company details:

Mining Rig Hosting

Tel: 0115 888 0718

Office Address:
2 King Street, Nottingham, NG1 2AS
(Visit by appointment only).

Email: info@miningrighosting.co.uk